Katalin Falvai was born in Budapest, Hungary, into a family of musician.
Her father and mother are also pianists.

She is seven, when starts piano-lessons officially, and nine, when she is admitted to
Franz Liszt Music Academy, „Class for Especially Talented Children”.  Her teachers were Edit Hambalkó and Zsuzsa Esztó.
The same year she wins the National Piano Competition in Hungary,
and the Bach-Handel-Scarlatti Competition.

From the age of 18 she continues her studies in the university class of the
Liszt Academy, with professors György Nádor, Kálmán Dráfi, Ferenc Rados, Béla Simon
and chamber music professors Márta Gulyás and Sandor Devich.
In 1997 she is selected for the scholarship of the Banff Centre for the Arts,
Canada, where she spent  four month as Artist in Residency, and gave concerts.
After her master-diplome, she is admitted to do doctorate-studies for
the title „The Doctor of Liberal Arts ”,where she is working under the
guidance of Zoltán Kocsis.

In the years 2003, 2004 and 2005, she gets the Annie Fischer Prize.
She worked in masterclasses with professors like: Dmitrij Bashkirov,
Michail Voskresenskij, Jacque Rouvier, Andrea Bonatta, Noel Flores, Livia Rev,
László Simon, Anton Cuerti, Tamas Ungár, etc…

Katalin Falvai gave concerts in Hungary and abroad:
Germany- Stuttgart, Berliner Konzerthaus, France /Paris/, Sweden, Finland /Helsinki/, Moscow, Siberie, The Netherlands, Marocco, London,
Italy, Rumanie /Bucarest/, Austria, Prague, Albanie,USA, Canada, The Sultanate of Oman, etc…..
She appeared on stage with musicians such as Zoltán Kocsis, Tamas Vasary , Jenő Jandó and Maria Teresa Uribe.

In 2004 they founded a piano trio with violinist Sandor Javorkai and cellist
Adam Javorkai, they toured over Europe and Asia.
/Moscow, Moscow Spring Chamber Music Festival, Allegretto Albania Chamber Music
Festival-Tirana, Durres, Hanti-Mansijsk- Siberia, Helsinki – Rocky Church, Austria –
Wien – Chopin Festival, Kirchstetten – Schloss Kirchstetten Festival, Germany,
Italy – Cremona, Cervo (Sandor Végh Festival), Milano, Florence, Maiori, etc….

Katalin Falvai plays from the whole piano and chamber music repertoire,
but she especially likes to play the pieces of russian composers.
In 2008 november she played the two Concertos of Dmitrij Shostakovich,
with the Miskolc Symphonic Orchestra, the conductor was

Zoltán Kocsis.